I wanted to know the reasons why people use blogs so  this when I came across “what are blog?” I thought the information good and informative to post on my blog.

Libraries use so many different types of research tools in these times to get information out to their client/users quickly and receive comments, so blogging is one way in which to utilize this up-graded technology to do so, isn’t it great?

They are also interactive in nature and allows you to run and manage a website that can be updated with new content easily without having to worry about the design and code of your site. A blog has advantages for business owners and people looking to make a living from the Internet as well.


About Kay

I am currently doing my associates in Library and Information studies at Costaatt. I live in Trinidad and love it here!
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  1. spmcknight says:

    I myself was unsure of what is a blog, but soon discover that its one way library can share information with its users, also blogs have features like comments and links to increase user interactivity.I will also like to share with you some reasons why people blog:

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