I do believe that its always good to laugh a little, a few classmates (Alexa & Vidya) including myself seems to think that this is so true. Vidya posted a “fun facts about libraries” and “library jokes“. My other classmate posted a picture on “new aggressive book return policy” it all gives a sense of a relaxed atmosphere after any stressed out work day.


About Kay

I am currently doing my associates in Library and Information studies at Costaatt. I live in Trinidad and love it here!
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2 Responses to Humour

  1. alexaslodge says:

    Well I believe that’s you should always be able to laugh at yourself and enjoy what you do. So I actually enjoy library humour.

  2. spmcknight says:

    Without a little humour, life would be boring, remember the old adage ” laughter is good for the soul” Let’s continue laughing it takes away the stress.

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